guy's baby shower barbecueToday a lot of men are as much a part of the birthing process as are mothers.  In the past baby showers were thrown for the mother-to-be and were primarily all women events.  For the most part men really didn’t want to be involved in them.  However, things have changed and today couples either throw a co-ed baby shower or the father-to-be throws his own baby shower.

There’s a ton of fun ways to throw a father-to-be baby shower.  What they all have in common is that they celebrate the birth of the baby and revolve around the kind of things that guys like to do.  If you are considering having a guy’s baby shower, here are some important things that you should keep in mind.

Make It a Barbecue

Since every guy loves a good barbecue, a great idea for a men’s baby shower would be to have a casual outdoor barbeque in your backyard.  The get together could be just for the guys or it can be a co-ed event.

A simple, basic barbecue that consists of grilled steaks, ribs and burgers, chips, potato salad and plenty of beer is the way to go.  By keeping it simple the men can hang around the grill drinking beer and talking with each other while they barbecue some really tasty food.

Everyone will appreciate the casual atmosphere and will enjoy being able to relax and kick back while celebrating your baby’s upcoming birth.

Men’s Shower Games

You can toss the old traditional shower games out the window if you’re thinking of having a men’s shower.  Instead of playing the games that women like, how about having a poker game?

To put an appropriate spin on the game, the buy in can be based on the number of diapers your guests bring rather than cash.  If you do it like this then your guests won’t have to deal with trying to figure out what to bring and you and your significant other will get something that you will be able to use.  Before the game just exchange the diapers for chips and you’ll all be good to go.

Other great games for a men’s baby shower are shooting pool, playing ping pong, throwing darts, racing remote controlled cars, playing air hockey, racing to build model cars and/or planes, or even enjoying a day out at the race track or golf course.  Just make sure that all the guests know that they should bring diapers as a shower gift for you, the father to be.

Party Favors for a Guy’s Baby Shower

Men traditionally celebrate the birth of their children by passing out cigars.  Each of the men that attend a barbecue baby shower can get a cigar as he is leaving.  It’s a great way to focus on the day’s theme while giving a favor that your guests will appreciate.

Other cool party favor ideas will depend on the theme of your party.  If the party is at the golf course, either blue or pink golf balls and/or golf tees could be a good idea.  If you go to the track you can give out measuring tapes with “It’s a girl” or “It’s a boy” stamped on them.  If you’ve been racing remote-controlled cars you can give toy car models as a gift.

If none of these ideas work for you then you could have a baby-related message engraved on chrome wine bottle stoppers and give those away.  The important things to remember are that whatever gift you choose should be something men would like and that it’s something that they could use.  Of course it should also have something that ties it in with your baby’s birth.

Author Bio – Steve Schulman is a guest writer for My Adventures in Fatherhood.  He also is a writer/researcher for blogs related to aging, artificial insemination, and legal issues.